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iGlucose® Cellular Solutions
iGlucose® Test Strips Single Pack 50 Count
  • Easy to handle
  • Small sample size
  • Results in 5 seconds
  • Includes data connection and patient portal access.




    iGlucose® Accessories
    iGlucose Lancets, 30 Gauge, Pack of 100 Count
    • Sterile, single use only
    • Easy to use
    • Ultra thin, 30 gauge


    SteriLance Single Patient Use Lancing Device, Single Count
    • Adjustable Depth
    • Lancet ejector
    • Quick cap on/off


      Rightest™ Control Solution
      • For occasional control testing
      • Ensures proper results with iGlucose Blood Glucose Meter and iGlucose Test Strips


      iPulseOx Cellular Pulse Oximeter
      iPulseOx® Cellular Pulse Oximeter
      • Lightweight
      • Easy one button use
      • 2x AAA batteries (included)
      • Carrying case and lanyard included


      iBloodPressure Cellular Blood Pressure Monitor
      iBloodPressure® Cellular Monitor with Cuff
      • Lightweight
      • Easy One button use
      • 4x AA batteries (included)
      • Adjustable cuff 8.6-16.5 inches


      AC Adaptor for iBloodPressure

      The AC Adaptor is only for use with SMBP802-GS-003 and SMBP802-GS-004 blood pressure monitors.

      Help save battery life by plugging in your iBloodPressure when possible.


      iScale Cellular Body Weight Scale
      iScale® Cellular Body Weight Scale
      • 30% larger scale  
      • Four-inch LCD display
      • Measures up to 551 pounds
      • Sense-On technology